Returnable containers from a pro - WALTHER Folding box

Reusable containers are sustainable and effective. Nothing protects your goods during transport better than plastic boxes. The trick is to find the right reusable containers for your application.Whether foldable or rigid, with or without inner compartments, bulky or handy - We have all kinds of plastic boxes in the program, ether in our online shop or in the minds of our designers.
Kunststoffboxen zum Klappen und Falten

Folding Boxes

Folding and collapsible boxes with more than 30 years development experience
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Kunststoffbox Mega-Pack


Flexible, lightweight and large - Mega-Pack makes mesh boxes superfluous.
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The reusable - program with classics, pallets and accessories.

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Individuelle Mehrwegbehälter

Dare it be a little bit more?

If standard solutions are not enough, then you can find out more about the new development of your reusable containers!
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boxline-Shop für Kunststoffbehälter

Order now in our online shop

Please order your plastic boxes, pallets and accessories from our product range, 24h around the clock at!
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