Your way to the best folding containers

We are located in the Lower Rhine Kevelaer, and we are very happy here. If you want to seethe reason why: here you can find us!
> From the west. Follow the Motorway A 40 until the Motorway interchange MOERS
> At the Motorway interchange Moers change to the A57 towards GOCH /NIJMWEGEN
> Follow the highway A57 until reaching the exit SONSBECK / KEVELAER
> At the end of the exit turn right towards KEVELAER
> Continue until the end of the main road
> At the end of the main road turn right towards WINNEKENDONK
> Follow the main road through Winnekendonk until you enter the town limits of KEVELAER
> Behind the river Niers turn left into the Hoogeweg
> After approximately 1 Km. you will find our company located on the right hand side.
(Our corporate headquarters the grey building is located in the cul-de-sac)

WALTHER Faltsysteme GmbH
Hoogeweg 136
D-47623 Kevelaer