The way to your individual transport box

Robust die-cast construction or lightweight hollow panels? With inner compartments and lids? Perforated walls for fresh air circulation or closed completely? Conductive or not? Completely new development or adaptation of a standard container? To answer the numerous questions on the way to your individual box, we have to make your project our own. Only when we fully understand your logistic processes, can we truly reveal our development expertise gained in the plastics processing industry. Let us walk the path to your transport solution together!
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    1. The customer's requirements

    The most important step of the entire process chain: we need to understand exactly how the processes at the customer's function.
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    2. Requirements profile

    We work jointly with the customer, defining the characteristics required for the new container.
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    3. The first design

    Initial drafts in 3D - CAD programs set the requirements for a technically correct design concept .
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    4. Correspondence with the client

    The preliminary design will be reviewed in close co-operation with the customer and its logistical processes.
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    5. Finalise CAD

    The three-dimensional technical design is brought into its final shape in accordance with the results of the audit.
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    6. 3D - Printing

    Complex designs can be implemented for clients released as functional Models in 3D-Printing.
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    7. Prototype Tool

    For optimum implementation of the design into series production an optimal tool design is essential
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    8. Tool testing and container prototype

    The tool will be tested in its function. At the same time the first prototypes of the new container are created.
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    9. Construction of the series tool

    Based on the experience with the prototype the series tool is manufactured in the WALTHER tool making workshop.
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    10. Test Results

    The first containers from the series tool are subjected to intensive testing. If necessary, changes are made.
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    11. Samples service & series articles

    The commissioning of the series moulding tool is known as sample colour matching - in order that the series production can start.
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    12. Series production

    Also during the series production, our engineers permanently optimise the production processes.
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    13. Delivery

    The finished containers are pooled and delivered according to the customer's specifications.

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