WALTHER reusable containers: We make reusable foldable

In 1978, WALTHER folding systems developed the first foldable multi-trip containers. Since then, our technical designers are recognised as being the most experienced in foldable plastic boxes in today's market. Our success lies in the right fold: whether on the long or short side, with or without hinges.

Our foldable multi-trip containers are a dynamic tool that enables a dynamic logistics system. To fulfil this objective, we unite all production steps from design and the construction of the tooling up to the plastic injection moulding under one roof.
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Who we are

Plastic is a family tradition at WALTHER . Read why for us business equals responsibility.

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MehrwegbehÀlter im Zusammenbau

What we do

Competence starts with "C". Just like can and customer. Learn about how this all fits together here.
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How does WALTHER folding box function without innovations? We will tell you.

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Projektbegleitung im Logistikmanagement

Project guidance

We support you throughout your project. Here we show you how we design your project workflow
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Mehrwegboxen mit QualitÀt

Quality management

Quality is our commitment. We have several certifications by TÜV. Find out more!
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Logistik-Wissen im Planet Mehrweg

Planet reusable

Multi way logistics doesn't have to be a book with seven seals. Immerse yourself in the world of logistics knowledge.