40 years of WALTHER. 40 years of the future.

For 40 years WALTHER Faltsysteme has been working on the future of transport logistics. Since company founder Rolf F. Walther introduced the folding box system in Germany 40 years ago, we have stood for competence in multi-trip logistics, with experience, responsibility, innovation and customer focus.
This is particularly true for our competence in developing modern pooling systems which are unthinkable without the millions of WALTHER multi-trip boxes used today. And it also applies to the multitude of individual solutions, from smaller folding and collapsible boxes to large collapsible containers tailor-made for our customers’ requirements.

Experience, responsibility, innovation and customer focus are the pillars of the competence provided by WALTHER Faltsysteme. They are and always have been deeply rooted in the present. That is why we do not want to use our company anniversary to look back but rather show you what we base your and our future in transport logistics on.

Our experience for your transport box

Our experience for your transport box

Find out why 40 years’ experience can make all the difference for your transport tasks.
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Responsibility means quality<

Responsibility means quality

Learn more about how responsibility for nature and the durability of our boxes ensure unmatched quality.
Innovation in every detail

Innovation in every detail

Want to know why innovation is not a fancy vision of the future but meticulous work on practical solutions? Read it here.

Customer focus is our secret for success

Find out how our customer focus leads to successful transport solutions exactly matched to your requirements.